Welcome Ladies! it’s me, Julie. I’m thrilled you’re here and look forward to having you as a member of our community If you are new to my site, let me tell you a little bit about myself and what Flawesome Living is all about.


First, a little about me. I was born in Olympia, Washington, but have spent the majority of my life in Findlay, Ohio, so I am the epitome of a Midwestern girl. I am a wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt, and dog momma. I love being in nature, reading books that help me reflect and grow, learning important things I can pass on to others, and engaging in deep conversations over a steaming hot cup of joe. Most importantly, I have grit. I am a work horse, a resilient fighter, an empathetic listener, a humble servant, an unapologetic speaker, a compassionate advocate, an energetic doer, a passionate risk-taker, and one incredibly “flawesome” human being. Let’s just say…if you don’t know me, maybe you should and if you think you know me, maybe you don’t.

Why flawesome? Well, we are all flawed, with our own unique twist of awesome. Although we exhibit both, most of us tend to focus on our flaws, consumed by every shortcoming and fighting an inner critic that never shuts up. In order to mask our inadequacies, we strive for perfection, hoping the world won’t see us as we truly are - just plain flawed.

Instead, we convince ourselves the price of truth is too high, so we suffer alone, in isolation, as we build a beautiful, shiny, superficial exterior to mask the imperfections. But what if we just showed up in the world as who we really are and being you was enough?

It’s all about having a conversation that matters and showing up to do the work necessary to overcome personal barriers. If you are feeling alone, angry, bitter, depressed, stuck, discouraged, disconnected, or just plain exhausted from all that life has thrown at you, it’s time to move forward in a more positive direction, so you can start living the beautiful life you were always meant to live. Come sit with us and embrace your awesome.