Tough Love

Love is hard, but tough love is, by far, the most difficult kind of love. It requires you to sit back, while you watch someone, you love dearly, make choices you know will negatively impact their life...but you must stand strong. Unfortunately, everyone must experience darkness before they can cherish light.  Even if you offer them all your wisdom and experience, you will not be able to carry them to the light - they have to want to see it.

It will be tempting to give in to the guilt, because you love them so much, but stay the course. If you really love them, you have to let them meet darkness, on their own terms, so they can grow and learn. Remember, there are only two things that serve as a catalyst for personal change:  inspiration and desperation. Until one of these prerequisites are met, nothing changes. It is a painful process to watch unfold, but personal consequences teach the best lessons. It will be tough, but you are tougher! 

- Stay Flawesome