One Bold Move

There are so many times when life will present you with a more comfortable, convenient option, even though deep in your heart you know it's not the right option. Whether you are staying in a job where you don't feel valued or trapped in a miserable relationship that doesn't make you feel loved - DON't SETTLE!,  Resist the temptation to be comfortable!! You were not designed to be comfortable, you were designed for greatness - and greatness doesn't come from comfort. You become great from the challenges you overcome and your resilience as you navigate uncomfortable situations.

What if the things you hold on to so tight are all the wrong things? What if you took one bold move in a different direction? I know it's scary, but all good things start with something a little uncomfortable and scary. You have the power to move yourself from victim to victor, you just have to take a leap of faith. The signs are all around you, please hear them and know they are real. You know which way to go, it's time. Don't waste your life hoping things will get better, take one bold move and make them better.

- Stay Flawesome