A Conversation "Peace"

The conversations we have with ourselves can be absolutely brutal. It goes a little something like this..."i am ugly", "I am fat", "I am stupid", "I am worthless", and list goes on. While you wouldn't even think about speaking to others like this, somewhere along the way, you gave you permission to wound yourself. Unfortunately, these negative messages influence how you show up, or don't show up, in the world and have the power to keep you isolated and stuck. This is such a vicious cycle because, inevitably, you attract people in your life that support your conversation.

So, how can you change the dialogue? You have to evaluate the part of your story that is hurting you and the lies you are telling yourself about that story. It's not our story that causes us pain, it's the lies we attach to our story that become poison to our soul. You have to start telling yourself the truth!  You may be thinking it is easier to live the lie, but it is so much harder, my friend. You have been at war with yourself for far too long, isn't it time to create a little conversation "peace"?