Don't Feed the Bears

As we journey through life, there are signs all around us that help guide our actions and protect us from danger.  However, there is one sign I believe to be a metaphor for many life lessons I tend to ignore from time to time, and it reads "Don't Feed the Bears". So, what does this sign have to do with anything? Well, first we have to understand why it is important not to feed the bears. According to the National Park Service, it is important not to feed bears any food outside of their natural diet because they become conditioned to aggressively seek the "unnatural" food. This aggressive behavior is deemed a threat and may, ultimately, lead to their demise. Failure to heed these warnings also creates instinct changes, transforms normal daily habits, and may lead to excessive lethal garbage.  Still no idea where I am going? Let me explain...

As imperfect human beings, we often see the signs, sometimes ignore the signs, and are then forced to pay the consequences of our action or inaction. Although I certainly don't live in the heart of "Bear Country", I will tell you I have not only seen bears, up close and personal, but I have definitely fed them. You see, bears are all around us and I, for one, have definitely landed in my fair share of bear traps. That being said, I would like to share some of the lessons I have learned from feeding the "bears" in my life. Unfortunately, wisdom seems so clear, in hindsight, so I hope you find love, learning, and laughter as you "bear" witness to a few pages of my story.

- Stay Flawesome