Down Memory Lane

Sometimes you have to take a trip down memory lane, not to dwell in the past, but to honor your journey. Over time, it becomes difficult to remember how far you have come. Think back to where you were just 10 years ago, it's not the same place. It is either better or worse, but never the same. It is likely you have endured heartbreak, betrayal, loss, and so many other difficult life struggles, but you have overcome them all to become the person you are today.

Even if your life didn't exactly turn out how you hoped it would, give yourself some credit. You have done the very best you can, given your own unique life circumstances. You have navigated a difficult course and found your way to exactly where you are supposed to be. Don't make the mistake of comparing your journey to someone else's, they have not traveled your path. Instead, take a stroll down memory lane and celebrate all you have accomplished. You deserve it, you really do!

- Stay Flawesome