Swallow Your Pride

There will be times when your ego will get in the way of mending fences you know need  repaired. Whether you are openly carrying anger and bitterness or silently punishing others for something they did or didn't do, grudges are heavy.  In fact, they are like weighted shackles that keep you standing in a horrible, negative space. They key to removing them is to swallow your pride and forgive those that have hurt you. Forgiveness is for you, not for them. It is hard, but necessary.

It's not about winning or letting people off the hook, it's about freeing your mind so you can focus your attention on things that really matter. What if you decided that grace belongs to everyone, even those you feel don't deserve it? You get a little grace each time you offer it, so maybe it's time to stop the "right fighting", embrace humility, and swallow your pride because the deepest wounds can be healed with the words "I'm sorry". Be the first to extend yourself, it says a lot about your character. Let's start taking better care of one another, we are all struggling.

- Stay Flawesome