"People who need help sometimes look a lot like people who don't need help" - Glennon Melton

There is a truth that binds us all as human beings, we are perfectly flawed. To suggest anything different would simply imply a level of perfection we are incapable of achieving. So, why do we try so hard to appear as though we have everything together when, in reality, we all struggle? The fact is, it's really hard to let people see us in our weakest moments because we fear judgment or rejection. We tell ourselves the price of truth is too high, so we suffer alone, in isolation, as we build a beautiful, shiny, superficial exterior to mask our imperfections.

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Unfortunately, the world reinforces how important it is to have a so-called "perfect" life. You know, the one with the perfect friends, car, house, figure, neighborhood, marriage, kids, spouse, and job. These "perfect" things often seem to be life's prerequisites for worthiness and belonging.  But what if we just showed up in the world as who we really are? What if we shared our stories as a means to heal ourselves and serve others?

We believe that healing begins and ends with a story and each of us has a powerful one that has yet to be told. This is why we are on a focused mission to gather fierce tribes of courageous women together to share, connect, and heal.  If you are feeling alone, discouraged, disconnected, or just simply broken, it is time to heal. Your situation does not have to define you anymore. 

Flawesome Living offers powerful, life-changing gatherings, courses, and retreats intended to help women heal the past, confront old beliefs, and let go of things that don't serve them so they can start living the beautiful life they were always meant to live. It's time to embrace your awesome